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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Brutal....just brutal.....

i'm in the library right now. it's so fucking quiet. too quiet that my physiological needs aren't met....this is abnormal. i need audio stimuli. i have 2 midterms on tuesday. i don't know shit. i'm suppose to be studying for biomechanics right now but instead....oh hell w/ it i don't need to justify my blogging!!! mocha supply is running low....someone please come to the library and just inject me w/ a double shot of foot is numb, when i study i take off my shoes and cross my legs....i told you already, i'm eternally 6 years old and proud of it. my eyes are dry, wish i could take my contacts out, they're suction cupped to my visual orbs.

what's keeping me going right now?
- being able to blog.
-my passion fruit smelling pen
-the hello kitty sticker on my calculator
-my cell phone's wallpaper is of U2
-going to watch a movie this friday w/ the boy
-knowing the fact that it'll all be over and done w/ 2:30pm this tuesday.

do you know anything about tibial boot fractures and how to calculate the moment? cause i don't but if you could teach me, that'd be mighty sweet of you :)...but if you don't, get the hell outta my way ....till tuesday anyways :)


  • At 8:47 PM, Blogger rach said…

    haha thats a hilarious situation. how did the midterms go? great i hope.

    i got these new contacts that you are supposed to be able to sleep in...needless to say they feel like you have already slept in them when you just put them on... they suck!

    still not talking to A. havent seen him in a couple weeks...really really weird. how can we keep acting like we are in grade 8?

    gotta buy claras present soon. i was trying to call you earlier today to see if we could hook up but your phone was out of range or something i figured you were at school. talked to your dad on the phone and he said you were in school.

    anyways i hope everything is going "peachy keen." im trying to hook up with one of the second years. i figure its something to do. haha i dont literally mean to do but just a way to pass the time. maybe itll be fun. have i not learned my lesson of not to date guys from my class?


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