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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

You know it's cold when...

Your ice cube tray produces martian cubes:
apparently this lil' cube was an aspiring popsicle.......wierd. Even Milo the pug thought it was odd.

I have blisters on both my index fingers. Today in my sports injuries lab we were learning to do proper ankle tape jobs for ankle inversion/eversion sprains. My wrap job was going great, good Df position, nice stirrups what was holding me back? Ripping the daammmmnnnn athletic tape.....RIPPPPP!!!!GRRR..... "Rip it, and rip it good" i sang to myself......dang adhesive....i couldn't rip it to save my life....ruined my day (not really).

Oh and I dyed my hair last night. Here are the results:

104_0432 104_0440
note: black roots gasping for some colour ( Yes, I spell "colour" w/ a "u" not "color", and "grey" w/ an "e" not "gray"...why? Because "I am Canadian!")

104_0496 104_0459

and here are some pics taken w/ the flash on:

104_0500 104_0476
oooh weee illuminated!

Not to shabby for colour from a box for only ten bucks no? The instructions said to apply to the ends and lengths first about 2-3 cm away from roots. Leave on for 20 min. Then apply the rest to roots. Leave 10 min more and rinse out. I don't like to read intructions. I slapped the stuff on to my head all at once.....concentrating on getting the roots saturated first....turned on the bathroom fan, made myself comfy on the toilet seat and read an old issue of Allure.....i exceeded the 30 min total...there were good articles in that issue.....oops.


  • At 8:38 AM, Blogger rach said…

    last night i skipped class. i was like *skip it, skip it good!*

    haha our weird preoccupation with the 80s are gonna get us in trouble one day. i mean my hair is already big...soon ill be wearing neon pink spandex. oh well, it has to happen to someone.

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Bonnie said…

    OOhhh neon spandex.....i had a pair of those gems when i was in grade 1. It was striped, tiger style, except the strips were neon pink, green, and yellow.....they were flashy and on top of that i tied my t-shirt so that there was a knot on one side, i was damn cool.

    I heart the 80's and you should too rachel. And btw your hair aint big....but it should be, it would go well w/ spandex and legwarmers:P

    i think i'm gonna knit legwarmers...

  • At 2:41 PM, Blogger rach said…

    well obviously i heart the 80's. it gave birth to thriller, molly ringwald and flashdance.

    been watching a lot of SNL celebrity jepoardy clips lately. damn that shit if hilarious. after 2 hours of that i couldnt breathe. not exaggerating at all.

    yes, knit legwarmers. you arent a true man until you knit your own pair of legwarmers.


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