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Sunday, January 30, 2005

I Have No Willpower.

None absolutely i swear. I caved and signed up for a Hello Kitty e-mail address!!! Aarrghhh.....CUTENESS will be my's insanity i tell you. I also sewed up something cute but haven't had the time to upload photos...but hopefully sometime later in the week so do check back.


Midterms are coming up. I haven't cracked the spine of any of my texts yet. The only thing close to cracking is my credit card. *sigh*. I've been job hunting but it seems that the less i have, the more i end up spending. Plus there aren't many places hiring at the moment.

A friend of mine went job hunting with me afterclass on friday...we ended up shopping...*oops* But in my defense, the sweater was marked down from $50 to only $14.99 and another from $30 to $9.99!! I mean honestly, who in the right shopaholic mind wouldn't snatch those babies up?! And might i make another justification that i haven't added to my yarn stash in quite a long while nor am i using my student loan for anything but to help pay for tuition and books?

Crap and on top of this i have CPR C/first aid and SportAid certificates/classes to pay for.*sigh* And athletic tape/prowrap doesn't come cheap either, i need to practice but at about 1/3 a roll per tape might as well send me off to "Bumtown/Hoboville" now since everyone who graduates with a BSc apparently can't find any jobs in their chosen fields anyhoo. :( I've considered selling some of my knit stuff online but the time put into it just wouldn't be practical...that and the fact that i don't want knitting to become a job, not from my own will.

Can you tell i'm starting to get stressed? Well i am. The pressure cooker's on high. Here's my place to rant. PMS isn't helping either. Give me a week or so.

In the meantime e-mail me happy, go-lucky messages at:


  • At 7:25 PM, Blogger rach said…

    haha im totally feeling the same way. where does all the money go?

    work was harsh, i almost gave up.

    anyways i know you are too strong to give up, you can do it! you have always been able to step up and face your demons.

    man im tired.

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