Peachy Keen

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No I did not get abducted by aliens and forced to produce crop circles.
I started a livejournal and have basically abandoned this blog for a good while.

livejournal username: sugar_cubed

Bonnie :)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

So Much, Yet So Little.

School's a bitch. A nasty bitch. It's like making iced tea with one flimsy leaf, no water or ice. Wring and squeeze that sucker of a leaf with all your might and if you're lucky you'll get a single drop. Repeat until the glass is full.

I'm so burnt out you know. This semesters been brutal but what can i do. 'Stay late and study' i tell myself, but the sunshine and lack of vitamin D keeps calling me to the bus stop. Damn the beautiful weather. Damn how i love the beautiful weather. Reminds me of summer. The long days, warm evenings, fireworks, mandatory flip-flopping and tanking, gelato after dinner, walking the seawall, driving with the windows down,...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Brutal....just brutal.....

i'm in the library right now. it's so fucking quiet. too quiet that my physiological needs aren't met....this is abnormal. i need audio stimuli. i have 2 midterms on tuesday. i don't know shit. i'm suppose to be studying for biomechanics right now but instead....oh hell w/ it i don't need to justify my blogging!!! mocha supply is running low....someone please come to the library and just inject me w/ a double shot of foot is numb, when i study i take off my shoes and cross my legs....i told you already, i'm eternally 6 years old and proud of it. my eyes are dry, wish i could take my contacts out, they're suction cupped to my visual orbs.

what's keeping me going right now?
- being able to blog.
-my passion fruit smelling pen
-the hello kitty sticker on my calculator
-my cell phone's wallpaper is of U2
-going to watch a movie this friday w/ the boy
-knowing the fact that it'll all be over and done w/ 2:30pm this tuesday.

do you know anything about tibial boot fractures and how to calculate the moment? cause i don't but if you could teach me, that'd be mighty sweet of you :)...but if you don't, get the hell outta my way ....till tuesday anyways :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My Goodness My Guinness!

Ok, ok, the title has nothing to do w/ this post , but a post w/out a title is just a naked post.

So when i got home this evening after being at school for 10hrs, i was happy to see that my March issue of LouLou magazine was delivered. I was giddy. And this was in it:
I'm not sure if i'm happy w/ this or not. I mean it's just like Maroon5. I liked them before their first single came out. In fact i liked them as Kara's Flowers, the pre-M5 band. Don't get me wrong, i'm happy that they're doing good and all but now that they're mainstream, i can't stand their songs at all. I'd rather scratch my eyes out. Hopefully knitting won't be like ponchos either. I made a poncho about a year ago. People laughed and thought i was a geek (geeks are cool by the way). Then ponchos where really in. Now ponchos are out. Dammit woman..."the new craze du jour"?!!!!wtf

On another note, i mentioned i sewed. Here's the pieces:

and the pieces sewn up:

*note the old school sewing machine. I made it a scarf. It doesn't have a name yet (suggestions are welcomed). I want to make it a beret, that'd be kawaii.

Gtg do school stuff. I'm procrastinating....must...restrain...self...from....compuu...te...rr............

Monday, January 31, 2005

Pain For Pleasure.

My birthday's coming up. I'll be 21! I want a tattoo. A Hello Kitty tattoo. I'm a lunatic. A poor one. :(

Rest assure though it won't be this one:
..or will it? (j/k)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I Have No Willpower.

None absolutely i swear. I caved and signed up for a Hello Kitty e-mail address!!! Aarrghhh.....CUTENESS will be my's insanity i tell you. I also sewed up something cute but haven't had the time to upload photos...but hopefully sometime later in the week so do check back.


Midterms are coming up. I haven't cracked the spine of any of my texts yet. The only thing close to cracking is my credit card. *sigh*. I've been job hunting but it seems that the less i have, the more i end up spending. Plus there aren't many places hiring at the moment.

A friend of mine went job hunting with me afterclass on friday...we ended up shopping...*oops* But in my defense, the sweater was marked down from $50 to only $14.99 and another from $30 to $9.99!! I mean honestly, who in the right shopaholic mind wouldn't snatch those babies up?! And might i make another justification that i haven't added to my yarn stash in quite a long while nor am i using my student loan for anything but to help pay for tuition and books?

Crap and on top of this i have CPR C/first aid and SportAid certificates/classes to pay for.*sigh* And athletic tape/prowrap doesn't come cheap either, i need to practice but at about 1/3 a roll per tape might as well send me off to "Bumtown/Hoboville" now since everyone who graduates with a BSc apparently can't find any jobs in their chosen fields anyhoo. :( I've considered selling some of my knit stuff online but the time put into it just wouldn't be practical...that and the fact that i don't want knitting to become a job, not from my own will.

Can you tell i'm starting to get stressed? Well i am. The pressure cooker's on high. Here's my place to rant. PMS isn't helping either. Give me a week or so.

In the meantime e-mail me happy, go-lucky messages at:

Friday, January 21, 2005

I'M IN !!!!

Yay! i'm sooo HAPPY today b/c i received an e-mail from my advisor that I got accepted into the kin program! Whoo hoo! Shazaam! Tanjobee omedeto (congrats in japanese)!! I'm officially a kinesiology major!!! Whoopee! I'm no longer a lost/wandering student. Oh and my parents reply? "So you're almost done right?"....."umm uh huh, sure mom (avoiding eye contact)". Let's not burst their bubble.